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A Legacy of Love

So much history lives here ...

The original Tudor House mansion was built by Frank Hibbard Mason (1852-1931), an Akron industrialist and philanthropist who had risen through the ranks of B.F. Goodrich. He became the second largest stockholder in the company and had financial interests in other Akron companies, as well.

Frank Hibbard Mason

Frank Mason and his wife Mary were blessed with two daughters, Elizabeth (Mrs. R. Frank Howland) and Gertrude, who married Goodrich executive H.K. Raymond.  Mr. Raymond is credited with building the company’s tire division as its vice president of production.

Mary, Elizabeth, Frank and Gertrude Mason

Gertrude and H. K. Raymond had two sons, John and Frank. John Raymond inherited the 746 acre Brighton Farm estate upon his grandfather Frank Mason's death in 1931.  500 acres of the estate would be sold in 1954 to the State of Ohio to become the new Portage Lakes State Park located off Manchester Road.

Gertrude and sons John and  Frank

Frank Raymond and his bride, Zeletta Robinson, received the greatest gift of all from his grandparents Frank and May Mason for their December 28, 1927 wedding: the Tudor House mansion, situated on Turkeyfoot Lake in the Portage Lakes.


In the 13 months it took to build the magnificent, 20-room masterpiece on the lake, the couple lived at Mason’s neighboring mansion at Brighton Farms.

Zeletta and Frank Raymond at Tudor House

Visit Portage Lakes Historical Society Website

to learn more about Brighton Farms and Mason Manor


Prominent families that later made the Tudor House their home:


In 1940, the Raymonds moved to Bath Township and rented the Tudor House to George Vaught, another Goodrich vice president, and his family.


Akron jeweler Henry B. Ball and his wife Helen bought the mansion in 1943, and enjoyed life there for 25 years. Their daughter, Betty, wed Mr. Dick Walter at the Tudor House in 1945.


From 1968 to 1974, Akron contractor Robert Fabbro and his family filled the mansion with the love and laughter of six children.


Other notable dates in Tudor House history:


1974: Tudor house was purchased by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


1977: The Franklin Township Trustees signed a 50-year lease with the State of Ohio for the Tudor House and grounds to be enjoyed as a community event center.


April 20, 1995: The Frank Mason Raymond House (Tudor House) was entered into the National Register of Historic Places.


2005: Franklin Township became the municipality of New Franklin.


2010: Mayor Al Bollas requested that the State of Ohio give the Tudor House mansion and property to the City of New Franklin to share with its residents. Governor Ted Strickland approved the transfer and provided the deed to the property on December 28, 2010.

2020: Mayor Paul Adamson secured an additional 4+ acres of park land from the State of Ohio to expand the already stunning Tudor House Grounds.

2021: Mayor Paul Adamson helped to secure the long-term sustainability of the Tudor House by entering into a long term management & development deal with Mason's Cove.  The agreement includes over 2 million dollars of planned improvements while maintaining the park-like feel of the property.  Additionally the agreement allows the City to continue to host free community events throughout the year.

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