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Wedding Planning and Coordination

Do I need a wedding planner?


Our booked couples are encouraged to schedule a free initial planning session with our resident certified wedding planner, Monica.  In this meeting, Monica will give you head start into planning your wedding as well as go over the differences in full wedding planning, month-of coordination and day-of coordination.  She will also share with you the network of phenomenal planners that make Northeast Ohio their home.

Initial Planning Agenda

What is a wedding planning vs. coordination?

- What are the differences?

- Do I need it?

- What are the costs?

Discuss a general wedding budget

- Expectations vs. reality

- Where to find savings

- Vendors vs. DIY


- What are my different options

- Cost expectations

- Important day-of questions for caterers

Review and Discuss your planning timeline and checklists

- What vendors do you have / still need?

- When does everything need done by?

- Are you missing anything?


- What should I be asking?

- What to watch for in contracts?

- Specialty vendors and how to find them?

Wedding Ettiquite - Getting the word out!

- Save the date, when and how to send?

- Wedding website

- Invitations types and sending options

Book your free initial consultation with Monica.

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